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For the past twenty five years, The Kinetic Women Group has been servicing a diversified client base predominantly with electrical power and instrumentation cable throughout Africa.

The Kinetic Women Group, a 100% Women owned Company which includes Consortium Cables was the first company to offer a complete supply and buy back facility. In short, we undertook not only to supply the cables, but also to buy back at the end of the project. This left the client with a clean site, free of scrap/surplus cables and empty drums.

Kew Cables was formed to reward previously and historically disadvantaged members of staff for dedication, honesty and service excellence. To date, we have five members of staff, all with excess of ten years of service, that have been rewarded with profit participation schemes.

The range of cable products includes cables manufactured to both South African and International specifications and all products are manufactured to the highest standards available.

Since our establishment, the company has enjoyed tremendous growth and has diversified.

Kinetic Women advocates the use of renewable energy and many of our products are used by Green Energy proponents for Renewable Energy resources such as wind farms, solar power and water.

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